C-SERIES Custom throttle for the Bombardier Museum in Canada

Recently we were comissioned to build a C-Series custom throttle for a museum display in Canada. Bombardier Museum is planning a replica interactive SIM that people will be able to fly and our throttle will be there powering those virtual engines. Made uing only a couple of pictures and some measurements the backlit all metal replica was built in a record 2 weeks! Here is a video of it in action.

F35 Cockpit

Proud to introduce our first full Simulator! Based on the F-35 Lighting II Joint Strike Fighter.

All parts seen here are made by Throttletek! Included are: full backlit panels. All functions that work within the software are interfaced within the flight deck. We use Dino Cattaneo’s software which is free and please look it up! Works for FSX and Prepar3d.

We use a 21.5 inch touchscreen for the main instrument panel just as the real Aircraft, accessing all menus and the different modeled systems within Dino’s software!

We currently are offering panel kits for this Fighter Cockpit with plans to build the shell at home.


F35 Cockpit on Sale!

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