G-B767 Replica Throttle


  • USB plug and play.
  • 1:1 Scale.
  • Parts made from back engineering a real B767 unit.
  • Backlit panels.
  • All mechanical features included like arming of ground spoilers, reverser idle detent and reverse operation.
  • Annunciators ready to be hooked up to your favourite I/O card.

Price: $1,799.99USD (+Shipping and handling)

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  • Heavy realistic feel.
  • Independent thrust levers.
  • Flaps detents positions based on the real unit.
  • Auto throttle¬†disconnect switches.
  • Throttle is not mothorized.
  • Designed by a real airline pilot, tested by real airline pilots.
  • Backup trim switch.
  • All knobs casted out of the real parts.
  • Full tutorials and support.

Tutorial for the GB-767 Throttle Replica: