A-320 Flightbox V3

We are proud to introduce the new A320 Flightbox Ver. 3! Our proprietary and original concept in console desktop simulation entertainment, has been redesigned adding more even morefeatures and functions to properly simulate the A320 features and controls! Our new half Trim wheels spring loaded that simulate the actuation for the trim!

Price: $1,300.00USD (+Shipping and handling)

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  • 1:1 Scale A-320¬†thrust lever
  • 1:1 Scale A-320 thrust lever handles.
  • USB plug setup and play.
    Independet thrust levers.

  • Accurate reverse mechanism.
  • All detents modeled CLB, FLX/MCT, TOGA with heavy tactile feel.
  • Engine start panels with 3 position rotary switch and engine start switches.
  • Flaps work as the real aircraft all position modelled.
  • Fully functioning Speedbrake with Ground spoilers arm.
  • NEW Rudder trim Switch and Rudder trim reset switch
    NEW Half Trim wheels actuators!

  • You can set up the trim before take off and use it as a Trim in other Aircraft! Spring actuated can activate switch functions for Trim or other applications!
  • Realistic Parking brake now works like the real thing!
  • All New Alluminum Powder coated base for more durability.
  • Realistic Backlit panels.
  • Hall Effect sensors for thrust levers are now standard!
  • Same low price for more features!