G-737MAX G-Throttle

Our flagship redesigned! Based on the newer 737 NG and MaX, it has all the functions and features of the real throttle…

  • Independent and realistic travel, throttle handles.
  • Speed brake with ground spoilers arming function.
  • TOGA switches.
  • Reverses.
  • Engraved panels.
  • Optional backlit panel.

    Price: $650 USD (+Shipping and handling)

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    • 9 detent based flap system as per the real 737.
    • Auto throttle disconnect switches.

    • New Parking brake.
    • Solid sturdy feel.
    • Designed by a real airline pilot and tested by real airline pilots.
    • New Fuel Panel control switches like the latest 737 models! (Fire annunciators don’t lit up)
    • USB plug setup and play.
    • Compatible with PMDG
    • Full tutorials and support.
    • Perfect fpr the desktop flyer and compatible with any other plane you love to fly!